Our main goal is to transform sea-waste into 3D printed solutions to revalue the plastics collected in the seas, oceans and ports.
3D Port is a hub that embraces the transformation process of plastics and contributes to the Blue Economy.

Transformation Process


Veluga is a 3D printed smart dock fender made of recycled plastics collected from the sea. Thanks to its structure, the defense absorbs the impacts of the boats against the pontoon.

It incorporates intelligent mooring signage that, through an app, gathers and visualizes real-time data to optimize the port facilities.

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Our aim is to expand this ecosystem and replicate the model in other ports in Europe and around the globe, contributing to global sustainability.


We believe in the Ports being the backbone, driver and connection between the research and innovation and the nautical or logistics-port sector.
Project financed by the fund Ports 4.0

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Project financed by the fund Ports 4.0