Veluga is a 3D printed smart dock fender made of recycled plastics collected from the sea. Thanks to its structure, the defense absorbs the impacts of the boats against the pontoon.

It incorporates intelligent mooring signage that, through an app, gathers and visualizes real-time data to optimize the port facilities.

Impact Absorbtion

3D printing technology allows us to make the right shape so that the recycled plastic can absorb the force of the boats in the impacts against the dock.

Achieving a total elastic deformation by means of the small deformation of each curve.

Smart Technology

The interactive signage provides a mooring optimization system that collects data about the occupancy of the marina.

The user can scan the number of the fender and tell how many days he is going away, giving up his mooring to another boat. In addition, the port can make reports of ship breakdowns through the signage.

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Veluga is a product designed by Joan Pahissa from ELISAVA and promoted by 3D Port

Project financed by the fund Ports 4.0

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Project financed by the fund Ports 4.0